I’m glad you found my career coaching website. We may not have met yet but maybe I know a bit about you. 

  • You are a talented woman and have delivered extraordinary results to the businesses you’ve been a part of throughout the years.
  • To achieve amazing results like this year after year - and probably take care of a family - you have had to give 110% of yourself  - often sacrificially.  
  • The results have come at a high cost – a cost to your health, happiness, relationships, and even your soul.
  • And you worry. You worry about your health, lack of energy and brain fog. You worry about finances and saving for the kids' college and retirement. You worry about how you'll get it all done at work and in life. You worry about finding a new job or making a career change when the workplace seems hostile to women of our age. 
  • You have a growing sense, a restlessness, that something has to change. You know that you must change, take action, but you don’t have the energy, confidence or know how. You feel stuck and don’t know where to start. 

If I’ve just described you then I’m sorry to hear that you're not operating at your best. Perhaps you are ready to take action, with the help of a partner? Are you ready to move forward with a health and wellness coach, a career mentor, someone who gets you because she's been there too?

Signs of an Unhealthy Career

  • You experience excessive stress
  • Your days are filled with unproductive conflict
  • You feel a lack of challenge or are routinely overwhelmed
  • You have imbalance between work and life priorities
  • Your boss seems to offer little but criticism
  • You believe you are not being compensated fairly
  • Your mojo is gone

Signs of a Healthy Career

  • Your talents are utilized almost every day
  • You have clear goals and you know what is expected
  • You receive praise and recognition for good work
  • You have a "best friend" at work
  • You are learning new things and developing as a professional; you have a written development plan (IDP) and discuss it with your boss
  • You have a plan to progress
  • You live and work with confidence

Is a healthy career possible? Yes, but you must take charge - be the CEO of your life - because nobody will do it for you. 

If you're ready, I'd love to talk with you to hear your story and learn more about your worries and career goals. 

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