Christy Suerth, Certified Career & Health Coach

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"Behind Every Beautiful Thing, There's Some Kind of Pain"

I was in the corporate world since I was 25, specializing in Human Resources and Talent Management. I always loved my Career (notice the capital “C”) – perhaps a bit too much. That is, I loved the challenge of helping leaders build businesses and develop people but, more often than not, I did so sacrificially. My husband's friends even nicknamed me, "Corporate Christy." Over the years I developed an unhealthy pattern of putting the company’s needs ahead of my own time and time again.  

  • Too many fast food lunches at my desk 
  • Too much travel and too little self-care 
  • Too little sleep and too much caffeine 
  • Too much adrenaline and not enough time in thought 
  • Too many hours sitting at my desk and not enough hours playing 

One morning in 2011, I was unable to walk and my elbow refused to bend. What? How could this be? I was a successful leader, mother of two, living life at 120 mph, and healthy enough to have completed three marathons. I was “doing it all” but seemingly, overnight, I couldn’t walk? 

After numerous visits to numerous doctors, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA); a life threatening, debilitating autoimmune disease for which there is no cure.  

Time to Wake Up, Christy. 

With the help of an integrative doctor, and over 500 hours of self-study, I learned to live in a new way. Slowly, I reduced my inflammation, healed my joint pain, restored my energy and reignited my brain. How did I accomplish this? 

  • Eating nutrient-dense foods, including vegetables, healthy fats, and clean protein 
  • Making sleep a priority; yes, at least 8 hours
  • Hydrating habitually with high quality water from glass bottles, with alkalizing slices of lemon 
  • Breathing deeply and meditating to calm my frantic nervous system and reduce anxiety 
  • Moving hourly – the way our bodies were designed to move 
  • Learning new things to spark neurogenesis (the growth of new brain cells and connections) 
  • Reducing exposure to toxins. This meant new personal care products (think make-up, lotions, soap, deodorant, tooth paste and cleaning products), reducing EMFs from my cell phone and WIFI, and a water filter on my shower. 

As a result of my health journey, I: 

  • Lost 11.85% of my body weight mostly deadly belly fat 
  • Returned to my pre-baby pant size (3 sizes down) 
  • Reduced my fasting blood glucose level by 24.14%
  • Decreased my total cholesterol by 7.22% and LDL by 21.12%
  • Reduced the frequency of brain fog by 90%
  • Feel a calm energy that people remark on often

If I can do it, while working a high powered career, you can too.

My Credentials

  • 20+ years corporate experience in leadership roles in Human Resources and Talent Management
  • Leadership experience in Fortune 500 companies
  • Master's degree in HR
  • Certifications in Human Resources, Career Coaching, Integrative Health Coaching, and training and group facilitation
  • Qualified in numerous assessments including personality, career and leadership

My Style

People tell me I'm a natural coach. I conduct thorough assessments, support high quality goal setting, hold people accountable, encourage and offer advice that comes from deep experience in the business world, and information from the science of nutrition and biology.

My Myers-Briggs preference is INFJ and it's said of us that "we feel happiest and most fulfilled when helping others understand themselves and their problems".